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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcoming Summer Student, Michelle

"I am going to be a senior at Lakeridge High school and am looking forward to an enriching, informative experience at Dr. Keller’s Lab this summer. Throughout my education, I have always loved science. In my AP Biology and Human Physiology classes during my junior year, I became enthralled in the study of the human body. I aspire to pursue a career in medicine in my future. Dr. Keller’s Lab is an ideal place to start my journey in the field of medicine and science.
I joined the OHSU Keller lab for a summer internship in order to be immersed in an intense program that will not only prepare me for a future in science but will also allow me to learn more about pediatric oncology and the nature of cancer. Working in Dr. Keller’s lab will not only help prepare me for research in college and beyond, but will also facilitate the expansion of my knowledge."

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