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Monday, June 14, 2010

Rhabdomyosarcoma Paper accepted to MCT

Congratulations to co-first authors, Bev Schaffer (Keller lab) and Marcia Grayson (Infante lab) whose manuscript, "Immune Competency of a Hairless Strain for Improved Preclinical Studies in Genetically-Engineered Mice" was accepted today to Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, an AACR Journal.  This study describes a way to improve genetically-engineered mouse models of cancer (particularly rhabdomyosarcoma) by making them fur-free.  Other co-authors include Keller lab current and past members, Laura Nelon, Suresh Prajapati, Joy Wortham, Courtney Kubicek, Mandy McCleish, Michelle Brady and Tohru Hosoyama, as well as collaborators Tony Infante (UTHSCSA Pediatrics & Immunology), Inkyung Jung and Joel Michalek (UTHSCSA Biostatistics), Leslea Sarro and Marti Hanes (UTHSCSA Lab Animal Resources), Brian Rubin (Cleveland Clinic) and Charlie Clifford (Charles River Laboratories).  
[ Update! 7/23/10... exciting news, this paper will be featured as the Cover Article  ]