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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Open Science Forum: Target Discovery in Rhabdomyosarcoma

Would members of the community be interested in sponsoring an experiment to launch drug discovery in rhabdomyosarcoma?  We are experienced in building drug screens from our leadership of the international dipg preclinical consortium and now want to build the resources to do the same thing for rhabdomyosarcoma.  We need $16,000 to build the rhabdomyosarcoma-specific 60 drug screen.  Thereafter, screening each new tumor culture would cost approximately $600. 

In parallel, we have an unusual set of other compounds which our lab members call, "Strange Brew."  There's no other way to explain this set of compounds, which draw upon every unusual observation of cancer and muscle biology since the early 1900's.  This higher risk screen is a $21,000 project... we could really use a sponsor for this second project as well.

Plates from both screens would not only be used by our lab, but also distributed to rhabdomyosarcoma research labs in the U.S. and internationally.  We have a good feeling about this.