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Sunday, September 1, 2013

2014 Pediatric Cancer Nanocourse

This community-empowerment week course will examine critical steps to finding new treatments for pediatric cancers, specifically rhabdomyosarcoma and dipg (hepatoblastoma may be a topic as well).  The 2012 Nanocourse in Portland was widely attended by families from the U.S. and Europe.  
The 2014 Nanocourse will be at Stanford University in August and organized by parents (John MacIntosh; Sandy Smith).  The rhabdomyosarcoma project will be led by Andrea Eidsvik.  If you are interested in participating in the course and wish to be introduced, send a note to Charles at  
Attendance will be limited, but this promises to be a very rewarding experience.  

Scott Carter Foundation 'Big Show'

The Tulsa community working in the memory of young Scott Carter to further childhood cancer research had it's 'Big Show' and Golf Tournament this past week.  From our lab, Noah (a 2014 Scott Carter Fellow) attended... here pictured participating in the Duke University Improv group performance at the Big Show.  Thank you, Mike, Paula, Paul and Cason for your untiring efforts!