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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcoming Summer Student, Michelle

"I am going to be a senior at Lakeridge High school and am looking forward to an enriching, informative experience at Dr. Keller’s Lab this summer. Throughout my education, I have always loved science. In my AP Biology and Human Physiology classes during my junior year, I became enthralled in the study of the human body. I aspire to pursue a career in medicine in my future. Dr. Keller’s Lab is an ideal place to start my journey in the field of medicine and science.
I joined the OHSU Keller lab for a summer internship in order to be immersed in an intense program that will not only prepare me for a future in science but will also allow me to learn more about pediatric oncology and the nature of cancer. Working in Dr. Keller’s lab will not only help prepare me for research in college and beyond, but will also facilitate the expansion of my knowledge."

Welcoming Summer Student, MacGregor Ehlen

"I am currently a student at the University of Oregon going into my senior year and I am studying Human Physiology.  I plan on attending medical school and becoming a surgeon.  I have seen many other aspects of medicine but have not been involved in research of any kind.  I look forward to working with the team on various research projects and seeing a different side of the medical field.  Hopefully along the way I’ll pick up some knowledge that I would not have learned anywhere else.  I am a Portland native and I am excited to be working here for the Summer."

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcoming Summer Engineering Student, Noah Berlow

"I am a recent graduate of the Texas Tech University School of Electrical Engineering and currently a graduate student in the Electrical Engineering program under Dr. Ranadip Pal. Though trained as an Electrical Engineer, I have been involved in Biomedical research since 2009, with a focus in bridging the gap between Engineering theory and Personalized Cancer Treatment strategies. The challenge of working in a field mostly removed from my training, and the tangible benefits to the medical community and society at large, captured my attention in my undergraduate career and has kept me heavily involved in this field of research!"
“I have been collaborating with the Keller group at OHSU for more than a year now on a novel drug panel analysis, inference, and treatment strategy development system. However, in Lubbock, I am often more focused on the theory than the practical applications of the project. My biggest goal in working in the Keller group for the Summer is to push hard towards turning the theory and limited practical toolset into a full-fledged tool that oncologists would want to integrate into their cancer treatment work in hospitals and clinics worldwide. My experience in all manner of theory and applied practice in my field (algorithmics, mathematics, systems modeling, programming, software engineering, etc.) provides a fresh new skill set to tackle problems outside the scope of, but certainly related to, the research of the Keller group. However, my knowledge of biology and medicine related to cancer is primarily what I have gained from my immediate work experience. My work in the Keller lab will expand my biological knowledge and make me a more valuable member in future collaborations.”

Noah is a Faith Fulmer Foundation Summer intern for osteosarcoma research.  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcoming Summer Student, Olivia

"My interest in pediatric oncology began with my father, Dr. Michael Recht, who is an incredibly passionate pediatric oncologist at Oregon Health Science University. I have spent all my life listening to him talk about these various forms of cancers and have been intrigued by the science behind them. I hope to further my understanding of cancer throughout my undergraduate years at Smith College, where I am majoring in biology. I aspire to work in the medical field someday, although not yet sure where my career is taking me."
"I want to work in the OHSU Keller Lab for the summer because I am incredibly interested in the science behind cancer and tumors and want to learn about them as much as I can before returning to school in the fall. This project has a special interest for me because my dog, Sy, is one of the canine osteosarcoma subjects being researched. It will be very interesting to work in in close proximity to the research knowing my dog may someday benefit from the outcomes. Although my knowledge in the field of medical research is still expanding, I am a determined and willing student eager to learn as fast as someone will teach me. I have learned a few lab techniques, such as: microscopy, centrifugation and running gels for DNA analysis that will contribute to furthering the research. I also bring a positive attitude, I am very positive person and can contribute a lot to the team."

Olivia is a Faith Fulmer Foundation Summer intern for osteosarcoma research.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Talk in Lausanne

Our thanks to Dr. Ivan Stamenkovic for the opportunity to present our lab's rhabdomyosarcoma cell of origin studies at the Institut Universitaire de Pathologie, Le Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois, Lausanne, Switzerland.  Dr. Stamenkovic's own interest is soft tissue sarcomas, as highlighted by his own laboratory's Cancer Cell paper this week.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Patient & Family Photo Wall is Here!

To all those who graciously provided photos of their families whose lives have been touched by cancer, we are grateful.  The "Photo Wall" is now up. We received more than 300 photos from more than 70 families.  We will rotate pictures to include ones not shown here.  We also are working to see if 3-4 large digital signs can be made available, so that pictures are shown in a "digital picture frame" presentation format.

The strength of spirit, and experiences of these children with cancer, their siblings, parents and other family members motivate our team to strive for better breakthroughs and more effective therapies.  We appreciate all those families who are the inspirational "part of our team".     

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our thanks to the Ethan Jostad Foundation

I am grateful to Chris, Kim and the community of Eagle Point for their support of our alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma research.  Yesterday's golf tournament had 160 attendees... we'll make sure your commitment to us is matched by tangible results.  Charles