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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scott Carter Foundation Big Show!

Last night in Tulsa was the Scott Carter Foundation Big Show! that precedes the annual golf tournament fundraiser.  Scott was a young boy who had osteosarcoma, but without regard for himself he was passionate that other children like his friend Addie should have better available treatments.  He created an effort to raise money for childhood cancer research, and in his memory Scott's family and community annually raise funds that support the training of new research scientists, which have included Charles more than a decade ago, as well as our own lab's recent graduates: Koichi Nishijo, Jinu Abraham and Nicolle Hofmann.  We are grateful to the Scott Carter Foundation for their support of our trainees and our research on sarcomas, including osteosarcoma.
[ right, John Grant mc'g the auction; left, Charles and Paul 'Ole Dad' Compton, Scott's grandfather. ]