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Monday, May 30, 2011

Welcoming Graduate Student, Rebecca Smith

We are excited to have rotation student, Rebecca Smith, join our lab team this Summer.

about Rebecca in her own words:
... with a BA in English and French  (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and an MA in 18th Century British Literature (University of Michigan—Ann Arbor), I often get perplexed stares when I say I am starting a PhD in biosciences. After spending 12 years at home raising my twin daughters and deeply entrenched in community volunteering, I started searching for something intensely fulfilling to satisfy the professional hole in my life. I begin taking basic science classes with the idea of going to medical school. Along the way I was awarded an internship in the lab of Dr. Stephen Lloyd (OHSU) in which I got my first real taste of research. I then pursued a volunteer position in the lab of Dr. Thomas Scanlan (OHSU) and have spent approximately 7 months working nearly full time. Dr. Keller interviewed me when I sought admission to the PhD program (PMCB), and it was clear to me that this lab would provide challenge, stimulation, and opportunity. I am grateful for a summer rotation and will focus both on learning new protocols and the science behind them and contributing to the lab’s research through my work.

We are honored to have Rebecca and her inquisitive nature added to our team!