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Sunday, March 27, 2011

COG Brain Tumor Preclinical Symposium

Our thanks to all the speakers and thought leaders that participated in the COG-CNS Developmental Therapeutics (DVL) Symposium on Friday.  This Children's Oncology Group special science symposium on childhood brain tumors was designed to bring together scientists and clinicians to create systematic approaches to integrating recent advances in brain tumor research and newly emerging preclinical resources to create tangible, actionable 6 month milestones.  Organizers included Amar Gajjar (St Jude; Chair of COG-CNS cmte), Maryam Fouladi (Cincinnati Children's Hospital; co-chair CNS-DVL) and Charles Keller (OHSU; co-chair of CNS-DVL).  Speakers were Jim Olson (Univ of Washington/FHCRC), Anita Hjelmeland (Lerner Institute/Cleveland Clinic), Xiao-Nan Li (Baylor/Texas Children's Cancer Center), Anang Shelt (St Jude), Clinton Stewart (St Jude) and Richard Gilbertson (St Jude).  Particularly impressive were the special pharmacokinetic models from Dr. Stewart, the new preclinical models from Dr. Li, and the outstanding eppendymoma science from Dr. Gilbertson. It was an active session with important ideas from many thought leaders across North America, and importantly, an inclusive plan is in place to bring new drug (and new drug combinations) into effect for the most devastating of childhood brain tumors.