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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Suresh's Medulloblastoma Study Accepted for Publication

Congratulations to Suresh whose study, "Micro-CT Based Virtual Histology Evaluation of Preclinical Medulloblastoma," has been accepted for publication in the journal, Molecular Imaging and Biology, the official journal of the Society of Molecular Imaging.  Special thanks to co-author, Dr. Aoife Kilcoyne, a lab alumnist and now a Radiology resident in Ireland.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Postdoctoral Positions Available

Our laboratory has 2 openings for postdoctoral fellows beginning July 1, 2010.  These mentored positions will empower the candidates to create and analyze complex conditional genetic mouse models of pediatric cancers for the purpose of developing novel molecular therapies. The primary goals for these projects are to understand the role of proteins in the metastatic progression of the childhood brain tumor, medulloblastoma, or the childhood muscle cancer, rhabdomyosarcoma. Employing molecular biology, biochemistry and small animal imaging, the candidate will have the opportunity to identify critical factors in tumor maintenance and tumor progression from which new therapies can be developed. Rapid translation to the clinic is the underlying goal. 

Interested candidates should email a cv to Charles at .