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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Children's Oncology Group Conference on Rhabdomyosarcoma Biology

Koichi, Corrine and Charles attended the COG Rhabdomyosarcoma Biology Symposium on Feb 5-6 in Seattle. Charles presented our recent work on the rhabdomyosarcoma cell(s) of origin that Koichi has done, as well as results for new therapeutic targets and how to overcome drug resistance, which Corrine and Jinu have done. It was an exciting opportunity for researchers, clinicians and patient advocates (Joan Darling) to interact and exchange ideas. The rhabdomyosarcoma-specific symposium was conceived by Fred Barr (University of Pennsylvania) and implemented by Doug Hawkins (COG Soft Tissue Sarcoma Committee Chair, and faculty at Seattle Children's). While the weather in Seattle may have been typical for the season, the conference was very upbeat and there looks to be a new era of collaborative science on the horizon.