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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dog Osteosarcoma Project

We couldn't be more excited about the advocacy of our collaborator, Dr. Jeffrey Tyner, in presenting our multi-institution research program to identify better treatments for pet dogs that develop osteosarcoma.  Jeff is a member of the Druker laboratory, and a key project contributor for this important initiative to understand childhood and canine osteosarcoma.  The video on Fox News can be seen here.  Other collaborators on this project include Oregon State University veterinary faculty Bernard S├ęguin, Shay Bracha, Stuart Helfand and John Mata; OHSU Epidemiology faculty Thuan Nguyen and Motomi Mori; Doernbecher Pediatric Oncology faculty Suman Malempati; Bioinformatics specialist Ranadip Pal; Druker laboratory member Marc Loriaux; and of course the core team in the KellerLab who drive this Pediatric Cancer Biology Program project: Nicolle Hofmann and Jinu Abraham, with the aid of Elaine Huang and incoming med-peds fellow, Lara Davis.