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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Koichi and Tohru's paper accepted to The FASEB Journal

Congratulation to Koichi and Tohru as first and second author on a muscle stem cell physiology / rhabdomyosarcoma study that was accepted today to The FASEB Journal. Other lab members who co-authored this work include Bev, Suresh and Mandy - as well as lab alumnist Ali Bahadur. We are grateful for the contributions of our collaborators, especially Chris Bjornson who is a member of the laboratory of Thomas Rando and our pathologist collaborator, Brian Rubin.  We are grateful, too, to the Scott Carter Foundation for sponsoring Koichi's fellowship.  

[ pictured on above right: a green myotube and its blue nucleus with an adjacent pink-white muscle stem cell (satellite cell). Pictured below, Koichi (left) and Tohru (right). ]

[ Koichi & Tohru's paper is now online. ]