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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jen presents Autopsy Barrier study results at APOSW

This year’s Association of Pediatric Oncology Social Workers topic was Exploring Sustainability: Promoting Pediatric Oncology Social Work in the Changing Healthcare Environment
12 posters were selected for the conference – during the two hours poster presentation many people stopped by and were impressed with our work and the idea of a Legacy Gift, saying that they have many patients whose family could benefit from leaving such a gift. Attendees had a lot of great questions and many asked for further information or planned to check our website for more information on guidelines/how to’s and our handouts. Melissa Hill of the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation joined in the poster presentation of our joint work. 

Other topics of discussion/workshops were: 
Sustaining Ourselves: Healing Ourselves While Healing Others
The CARES Program:  Utilizing the Community to Increase Sustainability of Patients and Families
Social Skill Training For Adolescent and Young Adult Brain Tumor Survivors
Establishing Skill Sets:  Staying the Course When Faced With Pediatric End of Life Challenges
our thanks as always to Nancy Goodman, the inspiration for study and efforts!