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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Welcoming Sangeet

We are excited to welcome postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Sangeet Lal, to the Keller laboratory.  Sangeet brings expertise in malignant glioma tumor microenvironment and unique animal model to our laboratory & program.  

An introduction in Sangeet's own words, 

" My first exposure to basic science research happened during my M.Sc. at I.I.T., Bombay, India, and my interest in this career matured during my tenure as a research assistant at ICGEB, India. I want to establish my research career in developing tumor cell-specific targeting strategies. During my doctoral training in Jeffrey Greenwood’s lab at Oregon State University, I developed my knowledge of cancer cell biology while studying the mechanisms regulating invasion of glioblastoma cells using transparent zebrafish as in-vivo and organotypic mouse brain slices as ex-vivo approaches. My post-doctoral research in Dr. Keller’s lab will focus on investigating factors responsible for leptomeningeal metastasis in pediatric brain tumors. "

We're very glad to have Sangeet on our team!