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Friday, April 5, 2013

Our appreciation for Ken

After 2 years of postdoctoral fellowship, Ken will now be taking a physician-scientist faculty position in Kyoto, Japan, where he will continue research on childhood cancer.  Ken's creativity and smile will be greatly missed, though we plan to keep in close touch.  In addition to Ken's first author paper in Oncogene, his book chapter in Curr Top Dev Biol and his insightful commentary in Cancer Cell, Ken also has 2 other manuscripts in review and one in preparation... a great set of achievements that (particularly in recent work) may include some paradigm-changing discoveries.  Our best wishes to Ken and his family.

Our thanks to the Kyla McCullough Gift Fund

We are grateful to the community of supporters for the Kyla McCullough Gift Fund who have made possible the purchase of a high-throughput multi-well plate reader for our program's study of childhood cancer. This instrument will be used multiple times a day, and enables us to perform research at a new and much faster pace.