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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Childhood Cancer Research presented at Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Sachiko and Charles were privileged to be able to present our basic and therapeutic research at the R&D Grand Rounds at Millennium Pharmaceuticals this week. In our presentation, "Pediatric Tumors and the Millennium Pipeline" we were able to have a bidirectional dialogue on how drugs developed for adult cancer could be used to improve the treatment of cancer in children. We are grateful for the warm reception and genuinely insightful comments made by Millennium scientists.

[above right: Sachiko and Charles with Dr. Owen Lockerbie, Medical Science Liason - Oncology at Millennium Pharmaceuticals ]

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Congratulations Again, Suresh !

Our biomedical engineer team member, Suresh, seems to be on a roll this year. Today we received notice that his paper on the crimson carrier contrast agent for studying muscle injury & regeneration, as well as muscle cancer, has been accepted to Muscle and Nerve. Many thanks to co-author collaborators Carlo Martinez, Joel Michalek, Linda McManus, Brian Rubin and Paula Shireman, as well as Keller lab members Jinu Abraham and Mandy McCleish (emeritus).

It is worth noting that this is Suresh's 6th paper accepted or published in the last year, and his 3rd first-author paper in the same period. In addition, Suresh also has one other co-authored paper in review as well as a mature draft of another first-author paper in preparation. Congratulations, Suresh, your hard work is paying off.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Barron presents at Imaging 2020

Congratulations to Barron who presented our lab's work on preclinical imaging of medulloblastoma at the Imaging 2020 meeting in Grand Teton, Wyoming. The highlight of the meeting might have been the keynote address of 2008 Nobel laureate, Roger Tsien, but overall the meeting was a very provocative and productive meeting of thought leaders in research and clinical imaging (for cancer, mainly). Barron did a terrific job presenting his work, and the questions and suggestions of the conference attendees were greatly appreciated.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Congratulations, Suresh !

Many congratulations to Suresh on the publication of his paper in Circulation, entitled "Microscopic computed tomography-based virtual histology for visualization and morphometry of atherosclerosis in diabetic apolipoprotein e mutant mice". This was a joint project between Suresh and co-first author Hernan Martinez from the laboratory of Seema Ahuja at our university. As is our mantra, multi-disciplinary collaborations often lead to interesting studies and advances... this one in the field of heart disease.

[ above right: rendering of atherosclerotic plaque, made possible through freeware available from the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute. ]