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Friday, October 21, 2011

now available from e-bookstands: The Miles Levin Story

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Miles Levin, a gifted but unfocused teenager from suburban Detroit – whiling away hours on videogames – is jolted by a diagnosis of a deadly cancer. Working out his feelings in writing on a blog, his charm, humor, spirit, and unceasing honesty drew the attention of readers from around the world. You - as have tens of thousands of others - will be amazed, humbled, and helped by what he wrote as he struggled with the hardships destiny imposed on him. Bob Woodruff, ABC news journalist, said of Miles, “He has told us what it means to live life without fear, but with Joy.”
While most of Miles’ days were challenging, some were filled with the happiness every teenager hopes to have – the thrill of first love, the fun of prom night, and the caring and admiration of friends. Cancer was bringing an end to his life, but he brought completion to his life. In so doing he inspires us to be mindful, loving, joyful, and thankful. He left us an enduring gift, thereby fulfilling his greatest desire when he wrote: “Dying is not what scares me; it’s dying having had no impact.” 
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