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Saturday, September 25, 2010

COG Fall Meeting

This past week was the Children's Oncology Group Fall meeting.  Normally, the COG meets twice a year to discuss design and results (when available) of the latest clinical trials.  This was a particularly special meeting, in that founding COG Chair, Dr. Gregory Reaman, was recognized for his phenomenal legacy of work with COG & CureSearch, and physician-scientist Dr. Peter Adamson took the leadership position moving forward.  This meeting was well attended by pediatric oncology medical caregivers and the public alike.  Our lab's contributions were a rhabdomyosarcoma presentation to the Soft Tissue Sarcoma Biology Special Session, as well as chairing (with the help of Maryam Fouladi) the CNS new therapeutics session.  
[ above right:  Charles and Ross Vick, advisory director member of QuadW, discussing sarcoma research ]

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